How To Protect Your Construction Equipment in Storage

We need our heavy equipment to help us with those tasks that would otherwise be close to impossible to accomplish by using just our hands. Besides making things more convenient for us, they also tend to make all our tasks faster. This gives us the freedom to focus on other deliverables within the day.

There are times when we may need to store them for a long time, as heavy-duty work isn’t really something that you would come by on a regular basis, depending on your contract and the frequency of your projects. During those periods when they aren’t needed, we would store our equipment in a safe place so that they wouldn’t be damaged at all by many external factors.

While in storage, other variables may still affect them, even when they are locked securely. For this reason, we must apply some preventive measures before we even close their storage doors.

If you are not familiar with these preemptive measures, no need to worry. We have listed a couple of them below for your reference.

Lubricate All the Moving Parts

This may seem like an unnecessary step; after all, you are indeed storing the equipment; hence, you will not be using it for quite some time. Lubricating the moving parts ensures that they will never be stuck in a certain position when you bring them out again for use.

For example, equipment often gets stuck around the wheels and hinges because of dried out grease. It would be nearly impossible to move them out again once that happens. Avoid this certain hassle and work on lubricating every moving part. At least, the process of removing them from the storage will be a lot easier the next time around.

Paint over Rusted Surfaces

Rust can spread all over if you ignore them for a long time. This is even more crucial if you are going to store them for quite a while since there will be nothing to stop the rust’s growth. In such a case, you must paint over the affected parts so that they would not affect the other important mechanisms.

Not only will this retain the good aesthetics of your heavy equipment, but it will also retain its functionality in the long run.

Fill the Tank with Fuel

Most people may see this as a way to immediately fire up its engine once you take it out of the storage space. However, the truth is that this has something more to do with the condensation more than anything else. During cold weather, condensation may occur within the tanks to compromise their vital parts.


Protecting your heavy equipment before, during, and after storing it isn’t really that hard; you just have to know the different tips and tricks in ensuring that it will never undergo any form of rusting, corrosion, and condensation. Lubricating the moving parts, painting over the rusted areas, and filling the tank with fuel will greatly increase its maintenance quality over time.

Be sure to follow the recommendations above and expand the lifespan of your valuable equipment towards a future full of heavy-duty projects and opportunities.

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